Geode Glory

Happy Monday!!

We are SO stinking excited to share this cake with you.  It was a glorious labor of love and we had so much fun working on it.

We were contacted  by Brianna Hall of Event Services of America because her client was celebrating the grand opening of The Stone Collection’s new Phoenix Showroom and Warehouse which offers the area’s largest natural stone resource.  The client had a brilliant idea to have a Geode cake made for the owner who was also celebrating a birthday during the Grand Opening. Her vision was a square cake, rather than the round shape as is so often seen with these design.  I suggested that it might also be fun to incorporate a “Marble Gold” into the rest of the cake to really represent their brand and make it one of a kind.

Geode cakes made a splash into the cake world a little over a year ago.  As with many trends, its very difficult to find out who came up with the original design, but whomever they are- they are brilliant.  This cake trend incorporates a very old fashioned type of sugary delight- Rock Candy.

Yep!  Rock candy!  We bought this 2lb bag on Amazon and we were able to do our entire cake and have leftovers.

We wanted to be able to create a unique color palette, so we chose a clear candy and then used Americolor Airbrush Paints and our KopyKake Airbrush to give them this GORGEOUS Amethyst hue.  Just lightly spray in layers until the color you desire is achieved.  We actually used 4 different shades of purple for this design.

 Now for the fun part!  Once the cake was assembled- we marked out our shape and cut several inches deep.  We made the cuts deepest in the center to really accentuate the design.  After the cake was cut, we covered the exposed portion with white chocolate ganache and a thin layer of fondant.  Working from the center of the design outward- we started with the darkest purple sugar rocks and attached them to the cake with a layer of piping gel.  We worked outwards in an ombre pattern and finished the edges with some gray/purple tinted royal icing.


Last, we added hand drawn marbling lines to accentuate the Gold in the fondant and also added 24k Edible Gold Leaf to take this cake over the top.

The cake was delivered to the amazing Opening Party and we were thrilled when the hosts and Event planners were ecstatic about the end result.

We love every cake adventure we take, but this one really was extra special.

Thanks for checking out our work and we hope you have a Sweet Week!


Photographer:  KMP Photographers


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