Magical Unicorn Birthday Cake

You know that old saying, a cobblers kid has no shoes?  Well a cake designers kid often has no cake…

We are usually so busy that we don’t get around to cakes or parties for our own kids. This year, though, I managed to throw my youngest her eighth birthday party! (The other two didn’t get so lucky.)

Of course I wanted to do more than I did but it is what it is and she had a great time! Really what do you need other than a bouncy castle and a cake? I think nothing!

Moment of honestly here, I wanted to throw the party so that I could make this cake! I had been planning the cake for a couple months. Once in a while I like to go crazy and do something cool that I design. Sometimes that is art for my house but this time it was this cake.

So without further ado… the cake!

Isn’t she cute!?

Some details for those interested!

The flavor is Snickerdoodle! This is our signature flavor, we are the only bakers to make it the way we do and it’s a secret! It’s my kiddos favorite flavor. It is covered in chocolate ganache and then the handmade fondant. YUM!

I used a firm cake, because the head is larger than the body you need a sturdy cake, like a pound cake.

I used a threaded rod structure system. If you would like to learn more about cake structures I highly recommend joining Sugar Geek Show. Liz is a fabulous teacher and there are lots of tutorial videos. You won’t be sorry!

I used a dowel in the unicorns horn. I made it long enough to go through the first board inside the cake to help hold it up and not pull on the cake. Just to make sure it didn’t slowly fall down!

Here is a cute video Breanna took while we sang to the birthday girl. I added a fun cake sparkler instead of candles.

One other fun thing I made was unicorn horn pretzel rods. These are wrapped in caramel strands and then drizzled with different colored chocolate and sprinkled with edible glitter. Aren’t they fun?? These were wrapped for favors for the kids to take home.

Thank you for checking in today! If you have any questions or anything you’d like us to share please leave us a comment. We’d love to hear from you!




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