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So, yea we are bakers.  Bakers who make all sorts of super, yummy, delicious treats…all…the…time.   However, we believe all things in moderation and we value our health.  Part of that also means that we want to fit into our superhero costumes occasionally…and our unitards were starting to get a bit…snug.

Bakers need to be SUPER healthy too people!

Here’s how our journey to be trim healthy bakers got started.

Over the years we have both tried different types of diets and ways to stay healthy, however with our busy lifestyle, nothing ever seemed to truly stick and make sense. About a year ago we heard about the Trim Healthy Mama plan and started looking into information about it.

If you haven’t heard about THM here is a very quick overview of the Plan.  Please note that we say Plan and not DIET.  This is a lifestyle!  This is a way to learn how to eat.  How to fuel your body.  How to heal and listen to what your body needs.   The Plan teaches us how to separate the food we eat into two major types of Fuel.  By creating a meal based upon either Fats or Carbohydrates, we can fully utilize our body’s ability to burn fuel, rather than save it up as “cupcake tops”.

Here are a few of the things we have learned so far:

  • First! READ THE BOOK!  Then READ IT AGAIN!  This really is the most important part.  There is a treasure trove of knowledge that the authors Pearl and Serene have to share with you!
  • Protein is going to be the foundation for every meal.  Have it.  Love it.  Eat it.
  • BUTTER!!! Fall in love with FAT!  It’s okay and even healthy.  We’re eatin’ it, so should you.  (Cool kids do it)
  • How do we say this delicately…without condemning our business and livelihood…Sugar is BAD.  Come on, you probably already know this.  This is not brand new information, but sugar is sneaky and we had no idea how much was in all of the processed foods we ate on a regular basis.  (Good-bye Coffee Mate Creamer with all your delicious morning goodness…and afternoon goodness…and…oh boy, too much coffee.)
  • Fuel Pulls are your friend.  ^^Read the Book^^
  • Hallelujah- there are no confusing macros to figure out, no weirdo pills, packets or gadgets to buy.  Just real food.  From regular stores.  You can do this without purchasing any special ingredients!  Works for any budget, too!

Most of all we want you to know this is a positive experience. It is fun to learn and fun to do. There is no shame or condemnation.  There is room to screw up, room to take it slow, room to order an amazingly beautiful and delicious Snickerdoodle cake from us and eat it all!  This is about learning to eat to live a full, healthy, happy life.

We are by no means at the finish line, but we’ve been doing this for awhile and are in love with this Plan.  This is why we are starting Trim Healthy Thursday’s!  We want to share our journey, give you some of our favorite recipes and meal plans, and encourage you along the way.

See you next Thursday!  Lots of love from these two Trim Healthy Bakers!

Bonnie and Breanna


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