Top 10 Most Expensive Places To Get Married In America

The place where you will tie the knot is one of the things to decide on when planning for your big day. This would be a special place as this is where you will seal your marriage. It should be something that suits your taste and personality. For instance, if you love the waters, a beach wedding would be perfect.

Consider the effort that needs to be exerted too and if it would be convenient or if there are people who would do the job required. This does not just include the preparation of the place, but the cleaning after the wedding too.

Another factor to think about is if your guests wouldn’t have problems getting there on time. You want to share this special event of your life with your loved ones so it wouldn’t be complete without them. Other guests might be coming from different states or countries; will they be there on the big day and is the venue accessible by car or public transport?

Budget is one of the most important things to take into consideration. Not all wedding destinations are equal and that includes their cost. There are locations with higher price tags than the others. See to it that the cost is something that you can afford as you don’t want to sacrifice your budget on other areas of the wedding.

We created an infographic that shows the priciest destinations to wed in America. See if you like these places and if you can pay for their costs.

Find out the unbelievable prices at the image below:


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