Trim Healthy Thursday: Workins Part One

Helllooooo! We’re back  for Trim Healthy Thursday!

Today I am talking about the Trim Healthy Mama Workout called Workins. These are fairly new, there was a mad rush on ordering them right when they were released and they ran out! So I just received mine this week. I am going to do a sort of “unboxing” to show you what comes in your box of fun! I have not started to use it yet so this is going to help keep me accountable. hehe

Honestly, I have had a hard time keeping up with an exercise program. Partly because I am so busy with work and homeschooling and just keeping up with life; who needs clean clothes anyways?

Another reason, though, is because I have Exercise-induced Urticaria. It is basically a rash or hives; an allergic reaction, induced by working out. The hotter I get the worse it is. I had it years ago then it went away and now it’s been back a couple years. This I have learned is typical of this condition. So I can workout about 20 minutes before it starts to get super itchy and I have to go shower. The shower seems to stop the progress. I can usually walk for an hour and not get the rash though. So I am hoping that this workout program will be gentle enough to keep the hives at bay but enough to help me tone up and be healthy.

I am really excited to try this workout! Pearl and Serene have developed this program to really celebrate the unique form that is women. We aren’t really made to work ourselves so hard that we are easily injured or that we lose our femininity. We need to be fit and healthy but not go cray-cray! I totally agree with their philosophy on this, I don’t want giant muscles but I do want to be toned and comfortable.

Now onto the box! Here it is unopened. There is a list of what is inside.

Now the inside of the box lid is pretty important. There they list the different levels you might be out so that you know where to start in the program. It starts at women who may have a new baby, to a veteran exerciser. They call these levels Gentle Fit, Steady Fit and Thrill Fit. They do recommend that you do not start any fitness regiment until you are at least 8 weeks postpartum for all those new mamas out there!

Right on top in this nifty case is a 9 disk DVD set. There is an introduction that they insist you watch first. Then the other 8 DVDs are the workins, with fun names like Clammies In My Jammies and Lungies In My Grungies. How fun!

Next there are some pieces of equipment. There is a Light, Medium and Heavy Exercise Loop, an Exercise Resistance Band with Handles and an Exercise Doorstop. I’ll have to let you know how those are used. Especially that last one, I have no idea!

The last couple things are this booklet, Five Steps to Feminine Fit and poster Foundational Moves. The booklet talks about the Workins of course, having good posture, and not stressing about your workouts. There’s more, of course, but you’ll have to check it out. It’s just a nice relaxed approach to exercise. The poster shows all the different postures, correct and incorrect, so that we can learn how we might be lacking in those areas before getting into a workout and hurting ourselves.

That is all for this Thursday edition of Trim Healthy Thursday. I will be back in two weeks, when it’s my turn to post, to let you know how I like the workouts and how my body likes it. 😉

Have a sweet week!




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