Trim Healthy Thursday- Workins Part Two

Happy Thursday everyone! This is going to be short and sweet today as we are very busy. May is booked and full!

So far I am loving the Workins work outs. I thought it was going to be too easy and maybe not do much.  I used to takes classes, sometimes two back to back. However, surprisingly, they are a great workout and in only 20 minutes! I can’t tell you how excited I am to keep up with it! Serene and Pearl have really found the best moves with the biggest impact for that short amount of time. I have been sore and that feels great! I like knowing that what I am doing actually is working. Plus since it’s only 20 minutes I know I can fit it in, even when we are booked, or overbooked actually.

Another bonus is that so far I have not had any hives. I think the 20 minute time frame and the gentle workout keeps me from getting so hot that I get itchy. Like I said I am excited. Anything else I do, even at 20-30 minutes makes me break out. I stopped going to my classes about 3 years ago because it was getting so bad that I was embarrassed and I would feel slightly ill and not know what was going to happen. So I am hopeful that this is just what I needed.

I really hope that we are inspiring some of you to try out Trim Healthy Mama, both the eating plan and the Workins system. I also recommend the Poddy, which is their podcast. They are so encouraging and fun to listen to as well. It will really give you a great sense of who they are and why they created this plan. We are so excited to see what the future holds and expect only positive things.

God Bless and have a wonderful weekend!



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