I am so excited! I love contests and I love V-day. It might be because there is a lot of pink and I am such a girly girl. It could be the hopeless romantic part.. Maybe it’s just because I like to share… and cookies. I Love cookies!


So about our contest! You can win a cookie box for a friend that you believe needs a little love this year. You will also win one for yourself if you are chosen. That is a WIN WIN folks!! Two Wins!!

Each box will contain 6 Valentine cookies, decorated with our amazing glaze icing… So yum!

TO ENTER: Please leave a comment here on this post. Tell us why your friend or loved one could use a little love this year. Your comment must be on this blog post. Please share this contest too. Invite your friends and family to enter.

This contest is open to anywhere in the US. We can ship!! Winner will be announced on February 6th!

We can’t wait to read your stories and share a little love this Valentine’s Day!  XOXO


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