Venue Spotlight- Secret Garden

Happy Monday Everyone! This week I wanted to talk about one of our favorite venues; Secret Garden Event Center.

This property is a historic home in Phoenix. It was built 85 years ago! It’s such a fun house to me but maybe that is because I like old houses. I can imagine sitting in the front room having a cup of tea and reading a book.

There is an adorable Carriage House on one side that, of course, was used to hold the carriage and horses but now is a lovely spot for smaller, more intimate weddings. The Grand Home itself has lovely floors and beautiful rooms that can be used for small events and also where the bridal party get ready for their big day! On the opposite side from the Carriage House is the Pavilion where large wedding receptions are held. There is room for dancing, eating and so much more. There is an attached patio that is a wonderful extra fun spot as well. In the Pavilion is where we usually set up our wedding cakes and dessert tables. There are many options for location.

Here are some photos of our cakes at Secret garden

The beautiful South Lawn is where the ceremony is held. There is an amazing gazebo and beautiful greenery and large trees. The long staircase begins from the upper floor of the house right into the center where all the guests can watch the bride descend. If the weather permits you can also have your reception outdoors as well. Beautiful!! (Did I use that word too often? ;))

With many gardens, patios, walkways and nooks the Secret Garden is a beautiful spot to get married. You will feel like you walked into a magical place and forget that you are in the middle of the city.

Click any of the links above to go to their website for more information. The Secret Garden also has an open house every Wednesday from 5:30-7:30. Drop in any time to get a tour!

Have a sweet week!




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