Winner Winner!

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Chicken Dinner!

The winner of our Valentine Love contest, by random draw is……..


Carolyn Wyler!!!

Congratulations Carolyn. Please send am email to


Thank you all for playing!

Valentine Cookie Class!

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What what! That’s right, we are sharing some of our secrets!

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Cookie Class



Valentine Contest!!

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I am so excited! I love contests and I love V-day. It might be because there is a lot of pink and I am such a girly girl. It could be the hopeless romantic part.. Maybe it’s just because I like to share… and cookies. I Love cookies!


So about our contest! You can win a cookie box for a friend that you believe needs a little love this year. You will also win one for yourself if you are chosen. That is a WIN WIN folks!! Two Wins!!

Each box will contain 6 Valentine cookies, decorated with our amazing glaze icing… So yum!

TO ENTER: Please leave a comment here on this post. Tell us why your friend or loved one could use a little love this year. Your comment must be on this blog post. Please share this contest too. Invite your friends and family to enter.

This contest is open to anywhere in the US. We can ship!! Winner will be announced on February 6th!

We can’t wait to read your stories and share a little love this Valentine’s Day!  XOXO

Baking Mix Recipe

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Happy New Year! Hopefully it has started out fabulously! It’s going to be a great year peeps!

We are all looking to eat healthier and find quick ways to whip up meals right? Years ago I was searching out recipes for a homemade Bisquick mix. I found a recipe I started using and then for Christmas that year my mother in law gave me a recipe book that she made for me. It was all based around this recipe called “Missouri Mix”; basically a homemade Bisquick. I have been using her recipe ever since because it’s a large batch and I don’t have to make it too often.


I keep it in a container like this in the refrigerator because I use real butter. The original recipe calls for shortening but this is where you can be a little healthier. We use butter, aluminum free baking powder, sea salt and white wheat flour. You can choose to use half wheat and half white flour or you can use all white. it’s really up to you.

Here is the recipe!

Missouri Mix (large batch, although you can halve it)

9 cups flour
1/3 cup baking powder (half is 2 1/2 Tbls)
4 tsp salt
1 1/2 cups butter

Mix dry ingredients and then cut the butter into it with a pastry cutter or butter knives/forks etc. You can keep this out if it is cool where it is stored, I have done that, but I prefer to keep it in the refrigerator since it has butter in it.

When you want to use it just pour the amount you need into a bowl and add your wet ingredients.

For drop biscuits just add milk until you get the right consistency. You can add other items to this as well. Maybe bacon or cheese… whatever makes you happy that day!

For pancakes and waffles add egg and milk, roughly 2 cups mix with 1 cup of milk and 1 egg. Again do this to your likes. I like a thicker consistency some people like thinner. You can use buttermilk in place of the milk as well. We don’t add anything else to the pancakes but rather we drop chocolate chips on top for the kids and blueberries on top for the adults. You can definitely add those into the batter though.

You can really use this in any recipe that calls for Bisquick. I have used it to make the crust for their quick pot pie. It’s pretty easy, just experiment with it.


I haven’t tried a gluten free mix yet but I am very interested in trying one. If you have please leave me a comment and let us know what you did and how it works. If you use a recipe like this already let me know what you make with it.


I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. :)


Favorite Orders from 2014

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Last week was Christmas!

It’s over already!

Next week is New Years. We have had an amazing year! We have so many fun clients and we have had a blast working with you all. As we move into the next year to just want to share a few of our favorite cakes from 2014.


Nightmare Before Christmas Little Pumpkin baby shower toy story pink and gold birthday sleepover pancake birthday pink and gold wedding Orange Rose Wedding Orange roses wedding 2 Angry Birds

God Bless you and may 2015 be a great year for all!

Precious Pink Baby Shower

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Earlier this year I was so exited to find out that I was going to be an Auntie!!!  My little sister Brittany was expecting her first baby.  Hooray!  And…It’s a GIRL!!!  Bring on the epic cuteness!!

Here are all the fun details about the adorable shower I helped create!

Right from the start my mom and I knew that we wanted to make this day as special for my sister as possible.  Isn’t she the most beautiful preggo girl ever!!  (Those are still regular jearns she’s wearing!  I’m pretty sure I grew out of mine 10 minutes after I found out I was preggers.)

Preggo Britt

Mommy-to-Be (MTB) decided to do the baby room in Pink, Grey and White Damask and found a beautiful Baby Shower Printable set from EThreeDesignStudio on Etsy which we then used as inspiration for the shower decor.

the invitation

 We got lots of ideas from Pinterest!

(See husbands!  We told you those hours of pinning away while the laundry stacked up would be worth it in the end!)

While I was on Dessert Table duty, my mom and sister spent countless hours turning those pins into adorable reality!  Here are just a few of those fabulous ideas!

Headband Making with Dear Baby Printable:

This was another fabulous print from EThreeDesignStudio.  Each guest could make a cute headband with some adorable materials we provided and then they hung up their masterpeice along with the card.  (There were prizes for our favorite designs!)

Baby Headband Winner

baby headbands

Weekly Pregnancy Photo Timeline

Isn’t it so fun to see the progression!

pregnancy timeline

 Mommy in Her Baby Clothes!

How precious is this!!!  My mother had saved some of Brittany’s clothes from when she was a baby, so she set up a beautiful display of the dresses with a picture of my sister wearing each outfit.  SO CUTE!!!

Mommy's baby clothes

One of my gifts for my sister was a hand painted canvas with my neices name on it for the nursery.    I have just started dabbling into the world of simple canvas art and this was my third attempt.  I used a simple canvas and glued a decorative wood frame from Michaels to give it a little dimension.  I used regular acryllic paints and pretended I was Picasso!  hehe.  I also added a sweet ruffle ribbon from Hobby Lobby to the outside edge to give it an little something extra.

Precious Pink Painting

Precious Pink Painting

 And now… onto the part you’ve been waiting for… The Tasty Treats!!!

Here is the yummy buffet.

Precious Pink Buffet

My grandma spent all morning making the most adorable (and delish) little tea sandwhiches.  MTB requested my “famous” artichoke dip which is reserved for the most fabulous of occasions in our family.  Want to try it?!  Here’s the recipe!

Super Awesome Artichoke Dip

8oz block of Cream cheese (regular- none of the low-fat nonsense) softened

1 Can of Artichoke Hearts – not marinated

1/2 cup Sour Cream (again-don’t be silly here folks- get the real stuff)

1/2 cup Mayo

1 1/4 Cup Shredded Parmesan Cheese (one small bag will do the trick)

1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon Garlic Power (or more if your feeling adventurous)

Stop…Mix it…Mix it real good.   (bonus awesome points if you sang that in a Salt n Pepa voice)

Plop it in a Baking dish (I am a Corningware girl myself- but whatever floats your boat) and bake at 350 for 20 minutes until it looks warm and bubby. Serve with the most fabulous bread you can find (I once got an olive loaf from Target that was crazy good!) and set yourself up for lots of ooh’s and ahhh’s.

Moving on to the Sweet Stuff!

I wanted to incorporate the Damask Print into as much of the desert designs as possible.  We ordered some adorable grey cupcake liners (which you will see again on the thank you gifts) and I got to use one of my most favorite cake tools- my Marvelous Molds Damask Silicone Onlay.  If you are a Caker you MUST invest in these.  They are AWESOME SAUCE!!!

The Cupcakes were our Cinnamon Vanilla Cake with the OUT OF THIS WORLD-AMAZING-DELICIOUS Snickerdoodle filling with our signature cream cheese icing.   I kept it simple with just a rose swirl icing for design.

Precious Pink Desert Buffet

Precious Pink Deserts

The Cake Pops were of course Red Velvet, because YUM.  These little cuties are dipped in Almond Bark (I prefer the taste over Candy Melts) and then just decorated with some whimsical piping and tiny fondant flowers.  I found the plastic pop stand at Wal-Mart and added the cute ruffle ribbon to make it perty.

Precious Pink Cake Pops

I wanted to make sure no guests were left out of the Popsomeness, so I did some of our more traditional “stick up” pops with a clean and simple drizzle.

If your wondering if I spent WAY too long trying to get all the sticks to line up just right… you would be correct.  Darn you weird symmetry issues!

Precious Pink Pops

Now onto the Cake!

MTB had seen a few photos with the ruffles on the bottom tier, so we used that as a starting block.  Add in a layer for the damask print (this is where I got to play with the Marvelous Molds onlay)  and some baby bling and VOILA!  I topped it off with our Whimsical Rose for that extra bit of fancy.

Precious Pink Cake

Leftovers… nom nom

Precious Pink Top Cake

Before the guests departed we sent them each home with one of these adorable Mason Jar Cookie Favors.

Each jar was filled with 12 mini vanilla sugar cookies which were dipped in a Glace icing and blinged out with some sanding sugar.   We topped each jar with one of the damask cupcake liners and of course a pretty pink bow.

Precious Pink Mason Jar Cookies

Precious Pink Damask Mason Cookie Jars

The Shower was such a special time and the MTB was blessed by so many friends and family.   A special thank you to all those lovely ladies who came out to show their love.

Precious Pink Shower Pom Poms


Savannah Grace arrived on March 23rd and is the most precious little pumpkin you ever could see.  Being an Aunti is the BEST!

Savannah Grace

Cakes, Cookies, Pops, Cupcakes and other yummies – Inspired Sugar

Photography –  Libby

Invitation and other adorable Printables – EThreeDesignStudio

Damask Onlay Silicone Mold for Cake – Marvelous Molds

Fabulous Ideas – Pinterest




GIngerbread House Party

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We are so excited to share the link to the “Gingerbread House Party” by Strawberry Mommycakes.

Inspired Sugar designed the cookies, cake pops and cake to match the lovely printables with you can find on Strawberry Mommycakes blog.

Gingerbread House Party on #gingerbreadhouseparty #Christmasparty #Christmas #printables #party

Tasting Event 9/7/13!!!

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Tasting 9.7.13

When I Grow Up Birthday Party

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We are so excited to share the link to the adorable “When I Grow Up” party by Strawberry Mommycakes.

Inspired Sugar designed the Cake, Cookies, Cupcakes and Pops for this fun theme based upon the fabulous Printables which can be found on Strawberry Mommycakes website.


Welcome to Inspired Sugar!

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Bonnie Adams, from Inspired Occasions,  and Breanna Kealey, of Sugar Dreams Cakes and things have teamed up to bring you Inspired Sugar!  We create one of a kind sweets for all events.  We specialize in Wedding Cakes, Specialty Cakes, Cookies, Cupcakes and Cake Pops.
Enjoy browsing through our new website!