Featured Sugar Artist- May 2019- Lisa He







Hello Friends! We are so excited to introduce you to a lovely friend! We met Lisa on the set of Sugar Rush! She is so sweet and so talented. We just love her! If you don’t know her already you are going to be happy to learn more. You can find her super fun videos and stories on Instagram and she shares tons of tips and recipes on her website. Please go and check her out and show her some love!


Tell us a little about yourself and what you create.

My name is Lisa He and I specialize in Decorate Sugar Cookies and French Macarons. I dabble in drop cookies, cakes, and other pastries if given an opportunity 😊

 How long have you been decorating/baking?

I have been baking since sophomore year of college – so about 12 years now!

 What got you started?

I needed a form of stress relief from studying biomedical engineering in college—and baking was the perfect outlet, since it would occupy 100% of my attention and I wasn’t thinking about academics.

 What are your inspirations?

I have so many! Aside from other amazing bakers (Holly Fox, Inspired to Taste, Sweet Sugar Belle, to name only a few), I also draw inspiration from everything around me- home décor, wrapping paper, kitchenware, magazines, billboards, you name it!

 What is your favorite item you have made?

I have a few favorites—and it rotates… See Below!

What is something fun or quirky about you that most people wouldn’t know?

I used to be a competition badminton player in high school. It was real serious. I have some trophies 😉

I love sharing my passion for sugar cookies with others—on my Instagram and Blog, you’ll find a ton of cookier related tips/tricks and resources on where I purchase my tools and materials, be sure to check it out!

You can find Lisa online in these places.

@borderlandsbakery on IG, YouTube, Pinterest