Featured Sugar Artist-January 2019-Kassy Jimenez

Hello Friends! Happy New Year! Yes, we are going to keep saying that all month long! :)

One of the things we wanted to start doing this year is featuring other sugar artists that we know or that have been recommended to us. We have the first few months filled up and we are so excited to share some awesome friends with you!

We decided to share Kassy Jimenez first. She is super sweet and loves the baking community. We really think that she embodies characteristic that we try to have as well. She is always willing to share knowledge and is kind to everyone. We found Kassy way back when, when Periscope took off! Is anyone still over there? I have no idea if people still use that as we moved on ourselves to other things but it was so cool at the time. We “met” many artists that we still follow and love today. So without further ado, please meet Kassy! If you aren’t already, go follow her and show some love on her pages. She does lots of lives on Instagram, has many tutorials and videos on Yioutube and has fun classes you can take!

You won’t be sorry!


How long have you been decorating/baking?

-I have been baking and decorating for about 5 years.


What got you started? 
-When I was young my Grandma and I would make Sicilian Easter Bread so that’s what started the baking bug. After she had passed and I got older I didn’t want to see the tradition die so I decided to start baking again.

Once that happened I immersed myself into anything baking on Youtube. Baking and trying the techniques I was learning from the videos.


What are your inspirations? 

-The short answer is to make an impact. I never got into baking to make friends or join a community. Social media changed that for me and sharing the honest reality of this on my platform has become how I keep inspired. It use to come really easy until I saw the ugly part of this “community” so I made a conscious decision to be open about it so other bakers wouldn’t fall trap to the fake that tends to envelope this “community”. Thankfully because of my choice to be open I have been able to meet people and be apart of a true community that I refer to as “My Peeps”. 


What is your favorite item you have made?

-Hands down my favorite cake was my very first competition cake. It was the fact that after 3 years of attending this cake show and being to terrified to enter that I finally did it! I lost and I pouted about it for a quick minute then I took that cake home and still to this day it is proudly displayed in my cake room. 

kassy cake.jpg


What is something fun or quirky about you that most people wouldn’t know? 

-If you haven’t caught one of my Instagram lives then you would probably have no idea that I will sometimes do entire tutorials as one of my alter egos. Like Julia Childs country cousin Foolia Childs who lives in the country and likes to try out recipes in all her country lovin glory! Sometimes my New Yorker friend comes to visit and do tutorials too. It is a blast and I have been doing these voices ever since I was young, now I am just crazy enough to put it on the inter webs!

 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/CakesCraftsbyKass

Website and Blog http://www.cakesbykass.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/KassCrafts/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cakesandcraftsbykass/

Twitter @FlippinKass

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Kassy. If you would like to be featured or recommend someone please send us an email. Happy Baking!