Christmas and Other Life Happenings- So Long 2018

Hello Friends!

Unfortunately, you can tell we weren't consistent with the blog this year... whoopsie! It's a big goal to do better in 2019! Wish us luck!

Often we get really busy with work and life and forget, it just hasn't become a habit yet but we promise to keep working on it. We love to share and interact with our friends and customers! If there is anything you would like to see here please let us know in the comments.

As we get ready to head into 2019 we want to take a moment and tell you how blessed we feel this year! We have had a great year making all your treats and cakes! We love our clients and being a part of your special life events! You guys are what keep us going and we thank you for supporting our small business which, of course, is our passion but also helps us care for 6 growing children. haha


Here is our TOP 9 posts on Instagram from 2018. It's funny how that works but this always includes some of our favorites as well!

One exciting thing that happened this year has been having the opportunity to go on Sugar Rush on Netflix! That was such a blast, and we loved meeting new friends on the show and also all the support and love we have gotten from fans around the world. So thank you for being kind and not making fun of our goofy faces! ;)

Screenshot-2018-7-8 Inspired Sugar - Home.png

Another activity we expanded this year is teaching. We have done a couple cake classes and many, many cookie classes. We really enjoy teaching and our cookie classes have taken off this year, so again thanks to you all for coming to our classes and asking for more! We plan to keep offering classes each month and also some online things are coming up. You can find our classes listed on the websites of Studio223 and East Valley Cake Decorating Supply We also talk about them as they come up on our Instagram and Facebook pages and plan to add a calendar here on our site, as well.

cactus cookies.jpg

We expanded to start a small Etsy shop this year as well and we offered cookies as well as our printable canvases and some art canvases. That has been a lot of fun and surprising to see what you all like! We hope to keep growing in that area. We also started a weekly Instagram Live which is then added to our YouTube channel. We plan to add more content and tutorials soon!

We are always blessed to be asked to help out at our favorite charities as well. We've made treats for Cakes for Causes, HopeKids, Icing Smiles and Operation Shower, among others. It's always our joy to give back as much as we can and we hope to be a part of these groups again this coming year.

As we head into the New Year, yes make goals and yes have plans but please remember to give yourself grace too. Things don't always have to happen quickly or perfectly and we need to be okay with that. It's all a process and we will get to where we need to go at just the right time.

Here's to a Blessed and Joyful 2019,
In Love<> Bonnie and Breanna